Monday, 20 June 2011

Hot Toys Thor

Phewww.. after nearly two months of non updating this blog, I've finally manages to make a review about a figure that I just received a few days ago. This is the 2nd hot toys figure I have own.

We start of looking the box art of this figure. Cool eh?

The back of the box:

The view once you open up the box. The beautiful small poster of Thor (Chris Hemsworth). The mantle is nicely secured on the other side of the box.

Next we go to what are the accessories included in this package.

The front and back view of the figure. Very nice costume. Match exactly like the Thor movie.

I thought the left rubber ring was missing, but it turned out that this is not true. Photos from Hot Toys official site showing that the rubber ring is only on the right leg of Thor.

Trademark written on the left foot of Thor. One way to check this figure is genuine?

I couldn't agree anymore that the most beautiful part of this Thor figure is the Mjolnir aka "meuw meuw". It is fully metal crafted with leather handle.

Some of the poses of the figure can make.

Tony trying to take the Mjolnir.

The mighty T..... TONY!!!

Spot the difference.

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